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Scroobius Pip’s Favo(u)rite Lines from Sage Francis’ “Copper Gone”

Scroobius Pip is a renowned emcee, poet, radio host, beardtender, and member of SFR’s UK squadron. He was also kind enough to release Sage Francis‘ new LP, “Copper Gone”, in his UK home turf on his own Speech Development label.

A long-time Sage supporter well before he joined the roster of Strange Famous, Pip took time to jot down his favo(u)rite lines from each song on “Copper Gone”, shared below.

What are your favorite lines from “Copper Gone”? Tweet us at or use the hashtag #CopperGone and share yours!

Purchase “Copper Gone” from SFR (US + Worldwide shipping) here,
and from Speech Development (UK/EU) here.


Track: Pressure Cooker
Favourite line: “They say anger is a gift…I’m very gifted. And if ignorance is bliss then I’m a sadomasochist.”

Track: Grace
Favourite line: “We can battle with tattoos, to cover up the bruises. The first to show any sign of discomfort loses. For the first time in a long time you’re not who my muse is.”

Track: ID Thieves
Favourite line: “If rap was a game you’d be MVP. Most Valuable Puppet in this industry.. Independent? Fuck you…”

Track: Cheat Code
Favourite line: “You’ve been padding your résumé, while I’ve been rhyming bout li(f)e like I’m rapping my death away”

Track: Dead Man’s Float
Favourite line: “It’s been said faith can move a mountain…but faith couldn’t even move low income families away from biblical floods when they were all drowning…”

Track: Over Under
Favourite line: “cos I’ve heard it all before from a sharper tongue with a lot more scorn, performing self flagellation with improper form until the coppers gone…”

Track: Make Em Purr
Favourite line: This whole track just destroys me. Favourite on the album. Any line out of context just doesn’t do the whole piece justice.
(Although “first world problems? Yeah… USA number 1…” does pretty good)

Track: Vonnegut Busy
Favourite line: “sometimes I shoot myself in the foot, put my foot in my mouth, clean it while it’s there, and then I suck the bullet out”
“And as the say; may the bridges that we burn light the way”

Track: Thank You
Favourite line: “You gave me language as a gift, I turned it against you…”

Track: The Set Up
Favourite line: “Now I never see the light of day thanks to the tinted limo…”

Track: The Place She Feared Most
Favourite line: “I could mock a killing bird without dropping a single word, flip the middle finger till they start thinning the herd…”

Track: Once Upon a Blood Moon
Favourite line: “now he can’t tell if he’s dead or not. He said ‘I bet I am, and I can prove it…’ She said ‘…you’d better not…'”

Track: Say Uncle
Favourite line: “…instead perhaps the homies homing instincts been severed…”

Favourite line: “Paint me like one of your French girls…”

Purchase “Copper Gone” from SFR (US + Worldwide shipping) here,  and from Speech Development (UK/EU) here.

Jun 06

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