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“Best of Times” vinyl w/ handwritten lyric sheets

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“Best of Times” vinyl w/ handwritten lyric sheets


THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. WE SOLD OUT OF IT IN UNDER AN HOUR! I’m really glad that these pieces found nice homes. Thank you! We have another extremely rare item we’re about to announce at soon, so stay tuned.

The BEST OF TIMES 12″ is incredibly rare and totally exclusive to our online store. Each vinyl comes signed by Sage Francis along with one of Sage’s handwritten lyric sheets (the same ones featured in the Best of Times video.) We only have 13 in stock and once these are sold, they are gone forever.

SIDE A: 1) The Best of Times, 2) The Best of Times instrumental*
SIDE B: 1) Love the Lie, 2) Love the Lie instrumental

The music for “The Best of Times” is written by French composer Yann Tiersen. The music for “Love the Lie” is written by Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse.)

*When the LI(F)E album dropped in 2010, two hundred of these 12″ singles were pressed and distributed as a promo item to DJs in the UK. When Sage Francis toured the UK he was given a short stack of these vinyl singles to bring home, at which point he discovered a great error occurred at the manufacturing plant. Instead of having the Best of Times instrumental on the B side (as listed on the 12″ label,) the instrumental for a song that was scrapped from the LI(F)E album was there in its place. You will not recognize this music as the original version of this song has still not been released, but it should be very clear that this 12″ does NOT feature the Best of Times instrumental. This is the music industry’s version of the “error card” and another reason why this particular 12″ will never see another re-pressing.

Best of Times video still

During the Best of Times video shoot, Sage Francis used a black marker to write the lyrics of the song on music sheets which were then hung on a clothing line. These are the same exact lyric sheets we are offering as part of this package deal (one lyric sheet per purchase.) We definitely don’t want is for these items to end up in the hands of an eBay seller. For a song that has resonated so strongly with our listeners, we’d really like to know that these 13 pieces are going into the right homes.

Nov 22

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