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Grown Man Talk

Grown Man Talk

The term “grown man talk”. I’m not feeling it. I heard it used in a TV interview with Busta Rhymes and The Game. The Game was explaining to Busta about how he plans on putting his music career aside for a while to take care of his family and spend more time with his kids. I found that to be commendable, but at the some time I thought of a Chris Rock punchline from “Bigger and Blacker”.

setup: Man wanting credit for taking care of his kids
Rock’s punchline: “You’re suppose to take care of your kids you dumb motherfucker. What do you want a cookie?”

Back to the interview. So, Busta nods his head and says to Game, “that’s some grown man talk right there”. Grown man talk? What? Why should it be suprising that he is talking like a grown man? Yea, I hope what he is saying is Grown Man Talk. The Game is over 21, appears to have a family, I hope he is talking like a grown man. I turned the TV off and couldn’t help but to start to think a little deeper into this term. Do we actually needs this term? Shouldn’t it be a given that a grown man is using grown man talk. I started to think about our American culture and pop culture. A lot of people in America have a tough time taking responsibility for their actions, but that’s not the worst part. The worst part is…they get away with it. Look at the banking crisis, housing market crisis, WMD mistakes in Iraq, Ex-Mayor Blogdonvich, etc. They are all pointing fingers and passing the blame. “He did it, She did it”. But that is only a short list to a  list that  goes on forever and will continue to go on forever. Because everyone enjoys passing the blame. Why? Because its easy and if you can get away with it! Why not? On our television we watch our own government get away with it. The MBTA gets away with it. The old “i didn’t do it, he did it” routine from our childhood. Who’d a thunk it would still work as an adult? Apparently a lot of people do. I inadvertently heard A-Rod’s press conference yesterday as he explained that “he was just a stupid kid” for taking steroids. “I was just a stupid kid at 23 and I didn’t know what I was taking. I didn’t know. I thought they were magic power pills from Central America that cost me 5 hundy. Can you blame a kid for being stupid?” Yes A-Rod, you can blame a kid for being stupid. Especially when the kid is 23-25 and he needs to produce big numbers at the plate cuz he just signed a 5 hundy milli dollar contract. Stupid fucking kids. Michael Phelps is another stupid fucking kid at 21 or whatever stupid fucking age he is. Does age matter when you’re a stupid fucking kid? Can’t you just be a stupid fucking kid forever? There are probably a lot of stupid fucking male kids in America. I’ve bumped into a couple. I’ve literally bump into a couple because, you know, they’re stupid. I say, “Hey you stupid fucking kid watch where ya going, you might end up becoming a doctor or some shit being so fucking stupid.” (Bill Cosby does a great bit on brain damaged kids saying and doing stupid shit.) It’s pathetic. What’s the point of playing a game with rules when everyone breaks them? Why have the rules? Is it fair that some of us have to obey and others don’t? Is that the point? And why are some rules enforced, but others aren’t? For me it just adds to the pile of shit that we ship over to the poor parts of Cambodia and China and leave for them to deal with. (Even our own shit and stuff we have to dump on other people. Our TV’s, computers and other electronic gizmos we no longer have use for. We fucking dump it on someone else.) What stupid fucking kids we are. And it makes sense that we produce stupid fucking kids. And we act like stupid fucking kids. I am not excluded. So, maybe I’m wrong about the term “Grown Man Talk.” Maybe we need this term to spark some more grown man talk in this country.

blogging it.


Feb 18

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