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Going Green

Going Green

People have been asking me when I’m coming out with new material and my guess is that it will probably be in late 2010. For now, here is a verse from song I just wrote titled “Going Green”.

“Going Green”

I can’t live without my radioooo, or my electric appliances
Even though it’s bad for the environment
I’m trying to quit and Go Green
But it seems like its just another slogan from the home team
A global campaign, spearheaded by GE
and the Exxon mobil brand names
Two of the biggest, polluters in the business
Are trying to clear their name and boost their image, by association
Its all for show and entertainment
So give them their awards and standing ovation
For their innovation and coming up with a scheme
and the means to deceive a whole nation
Its the same joke they keep playing
So, Fuck Matt Lauer and his half-hour promo statement
About how this campaign is such a success
Cuz the GE logo is on his checks
Now, they’re making profits using their products
To clean up toxins they put in the Housatonic
“I can’t truss it” and never will support it
I don’t believe a word or the smile it’s endorsed with….

Where the fucks ya head at?

May 13

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