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Banks For Nothing

Banks For Nothing

An email I sent to Bank of America

“Banks For Nothing”

I have been a loyal customer to Bank of America, which was Providence, RI based Fleet Bank before it was bought out in 2004, for almost 20 years. I am 27. Over the past 5 months I have had continuous problems with Bank of America. Problems caused by Bank of America employees, not by myself. In 2007, someone without my permission made a purchase with my credit card. Luckily, an employee of Bank of America saw the mysterious purchase and notified me. Thank you Bank of America. After canceling the purchase, the paranoid conspiracy theorist that I am, I wanted my Checking and Savings account numbers changed and I wanted to be issued a new credit card for my own protection. I want to know that no one else would have access to my money. Because I need my money, just like everyone in the US needs their money. Money has by default become our major natural resource for survival. At the time it seemed like the changing of account numbers went smoothly and uninterrupted. But, what ended up happening is when I asked an associate of BOA to change my Checking account number, instead of giving me the type of account I asked for, which is the one I had previously, the associate gave me a “My Access” account. But what they didn’t tell me is that my “My Access” account requires a minimum balance of $750 in the account at all times. And if I don’t keep that minimum balance I will get what is called a “Monthly Maintenance Fee”. Now, I didn’t know I had this minimum requirement because not all “My Access” accounts have it and I was not notified. If I was, I would have said “No I do not want a minimum balance, I want the same account I have had for 18 years. Also the “Monthly Maintenance Fee” only appears on the On-line banking statement. it does not appear on the paper/traditional mail statement, which is the one I check. So, for a year and a half I have been getting $18 a week taken from my Checking account. $18 a week starts to add up. So, when I explain this to the BOA associate over the phone he says “that there’s nothing he can do to change the account or help me”. Thanks for nothing. But it doesn’t end there.
When I asked Bank of America to issue me a new credit card they did, but they didn’t issue me a new credit card. I’ll explain.
BOA sent me a new card with a new number, but the number that was on the card did not match the number that was assigned to the card. So, when I swiped the card, the number that appeared on bills, statements, etc. did not match the number on the card itself. So, when I explain all of this I also came to find out that my credit card account that got “hacked” into and that I wanted closed forever, was never closed. After weeks of complaining and calling the issue was finally resolved. But you know what it still doesn’t end there.
In fall 2008, a simple transfer of money from my CD into my checking account turns into a nightmare. I wanted money from my CD to be transferred into my checking so I could pay off my credit card bill. I figured while I’m at BOA, why not pay the bill here? So, I go through the process of talking with the associate, showing ID and signing papers. I follow the associate to the teller and we go ahead and finalize the transfer from my CD to Checking account to Credit Card Account. I leave happy. A week later I check my account on-line and noticed that the money had transferred from my CD to my Checking, but did not transfer from my Checking to Credit Card account so my bill was never paid and now I have all kinds of fees and fleas. So, now I have to call customer service and fight with associates and then finally win my argument with the “person-in-charge” to get all of the fees and fleas waived, because it was Bank of America’s fault not mine. It was Bank of America’s fault not mine. Your fault and this is where it ends. It ends with me pulling my Green Natural Resource, money, out of all of my Bank of America accounts and closing them to put my money into another bank’s hands, a local bank’s hands. Banks for nothing. Thank you also for raising credit interest on loyal customers who pay their bills on time and who also helped bail your ass out from bankruptcy. FYI, you might find it tough to get new business when you double-dip from and treat good customers who have been loyal to you like they are expendable. Its actually the other way around. You’re expendable. Without our money, you don’t exist. You exist because people put their invisible money into your invisible bank hands. But I know the people at the top of BOA will be ok, they’ll find a job as an executive, CEO, etc. somewhere else. Its the worker bees, people like me, whose job security will be in jeopardy when Bank of America eventually gets bought out. And why would Bank of America the enitity care about that?

I hope 2007 “Banker of the Year” Kenneth D. Lewis (even though BOA’s profit was down 29% in 2007) and all of the other executives over at Bank of America enjoy the money they’ve stolen from the American people and I hope they live happily ever after forever and ever just like in Walt Disney’s propaganda movies.

Disgusted and taking my money and running,
Rhode Island

Apr 16

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