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Dying Art

Dying Art

My dad is a lost wax castor and his business, started by my great grandfather, was severely damaged by the flood that occurred in RI on March 30th. So far he has received ZERO help from the city of Cranston or from the state of Rhode Island. FEMA does not give grants to businesses, only residences. So, don’t believe the hype on the news that FEMA is solving everyone’s problem, I assure you that they are not. It has been an ill past couple of weeks. Ankle deep in sewer water, the smells, the shoveling, the news reporters, the reporter who wanted my dad to bash Obama, the out of state disaster crews from Detroit, the assholes that run the disaster crews who were drooling at the mouth, the lack of help, the vultures who found their way to may dad’s place trying to sell him crap, small businesses in the community helping out, the bigger businesses not helping, the ups and downs. I’ve learned a lot and have lost more faith in my government but gained some faith in my community.

Prior to the flood, my fiance and I were working on a short doc video about my dad’s art and his business. So, what I have done is compiled a video with footage of my dad’s business before and after the flood. I am trying to get his story out there, so please spread the word and this video if you can. My dad and parts of this video will be featured on FOX NEWS, of all places, Thursday April 22.


Facts I’ve Learned:

1. Basic Flood Insurance only covers the exterior of the building, nothing on the inside.
2. The SBA (Small Business Association) low-interest loans for RI flood victims are from 4 to 6% and you have to to put up personal collateral, ie: your house.
3. Once it was announced that the flood was a “federal disaster”/Act of God all insurances became null and void.
4. FEMA only offers grants to residences not businesses.

Apr 20

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