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My trip to Southby or Meeting Sage Francis

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My trip to Southby or Meeting Sage Francis

My buddy Lija lives down in Austin and a while back he hit me with an email inviting me to come down for Southby. Seeing as the StrangeFamous show was goin on I thought it sounded like a good idea, plus theres a bunch of Boise heads in Austin, and I hadn’t met anyone from StrangeFamous yet except Sleep. Naturally I figured it would be cool to go shake some hands. But I had to go handle some stuff back in Boise first. Alot of things in my life have been sorta up in the air lately, and It started lookin like I wouldn’t be able to make the trip. I put it out of my mind and got back to playing online chess and constructing model airplanes. Anyway, a few days before the show I came up on some skrilla and realized I could just make it on the greyhound bus. So I did the two and a half day greyhound trip from Boise to Austin. Got my stuff jacked in Denver during a layover and finally made it into Austin around midnight before the show the next day. Initially I thought it would be cool to buy a ticket to the show and surprise Sage but then I got jacked, so I emailed B. Dolan and they hooked it up so I could get in. My homeboy Nick told me Southby was off the hook. I had never heard about it until he related some stories to me dealing with him and his cousin Cody Lightning(of Walker Texas Ranger) and their adventures during the music/film fest. Wandering through the blocked off streets of downtown Austin the next day I realized that Nick’s stories were probably more than just stories. There was a damn good chance the events Nick claimed had taken place in Austin were actually based on viable facts. 6th street, Migas stands, door guys at Emos taking bribes, grackles chirping in the bushes, and Texas heat. All the elements were there. So I got to the Scoot Inn, met Sage, mingled a bit with Scroobius, and got an orange juice. I was still pretty out of it from the long ass greyhound ride. Everything looked in order. It was a dope venue. I paced around and smoked and meditated on playing online chess and constructing model airplanes. Then Sage came up and said, “Curtis, you wanna help me out with something?”. “Yeah, whats up?” I said. I followed him into this little area in the back of the stage. We went through this door and he said “These guys should be showing up any minute. We just gotta clear the area before the show.” I didn’t really know what he meant but I was down to help out however I could. Then he pushed this table aside and opened up a trapdoor. I followed him down into this murky concrete chamber beneath the venue. “Any minute now. This connects to all the underground infrastructure in the city of Austin,” he said. All the sudden I caught a wiff in the air and got nauseous. It smelled like a crackhouse full of rotten macaroni. Next thing I knew Sage handed me a bunch of StrangeFamous vinyl and told me to pull them out of the sleeves and toss them at anything that made a move, but before he could finish we were surrounded. Everywhere I looked there were vicious filthy bloodsucking vampires, the sons of Dracule. Sage tossed a B. Dolan vinyl at one with lightning speed and I watched as it burst into flames. I took his cue and pulled an SFR T-shirt over one of their heads, then beat the shit out of it Hockey style while it melted into goo. We must of taken out 40 or 50 of those evil motherfuckers. So we finished up and headed back up to the show. Later on Sage explained to me that the undead monsters we made quick work of had actually been promotional reps for Kanye West trying to get him a spot at the show that night. Anyway, seeing everyone rock it was well worth 2 and half days on a greyhound and getting jacked in Denver. Big Props to everyone who played. Sleep gets the gold star for killing it even though he lost his voice. I’ve never seen or heard anything like that.

Kayne West’s head promotional rep Jennifer Arnelle. Rest in peace bitch.

Mar 23

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