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it is what it is.

i woke up with the sun staring me down and my arm around a beautiful woman this morning. my hand was still sleeping underneath bicep when i came to.

my head was running at top speed and my responsibilities were wearing straight jackets. but, i managed to slip out of the cocoon we had built around ourselves over the night and quietly got my belongings in order with out waking her.

it’s an hour later and I’m getting ready to play a show in Fargo, North Dakota. “what the hell is fargo north dakota?” you ask. Well, it’s basically miami with out all the miami and all the corn fields and flag waving you could ask for. go U.S.A.!

I’m bringing my friends FOOD HEAD ONE and DOWNSTAIRS DAVE along to keep me from losing my sanity in the fair city of fargo. FOOD will most likely back me up on stage and scream things like “this is cecil fucking otter mother fucker!… make some noise!” which is a far cry from the last time he joined me on stage and asked a room full of people if they’ve ever got drunk and fucked in a corn field… one person out of 200 had… he was also in his late thirties, drunk as hell and wearing a fair amount of nascar attire. FOOD promised me that he would be on his best behavior tonight…i trust him.

I’m sitting here at muddy waters(the coffee shop i work at)making a set for the show tonight. i basically rearrange an itunes playlist until i feel it’s got the horse power that the people of fargo deserve to hear me rev up for a half hour…i think i got it.

my horoscope told me i was fat and the third cup of coffee is burning a hole in my stomach… it’s time to hit the road.

so, get ready fargo! this fat man is gonna rev his emotional engine for you at eleven o’clock! viva small town america!

-cecil otter

Aug 30

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