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Stale Bread Winner pt. 1 Notes

Listen to my “Stale Bread Winner” song here. This song is like a mashup of memories for me when I used to work at UPS and at a warehouse. Part 1 describes me waking up for work early in the morning during the winter when it’s still dark out. It’s one of the worst feelings…especially […]

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Prolyphic Tourdates!

To make sure you don’t miss any announcements, make sure you sign up for the mailing list on our homepage! These shows are in promotion of my new “WORKING MAN” album with Buddy Peace, AVAILABLE NOW! Butte, MT – 08/17  @Original Festival 665 N. Main St. Butte, MT Prolyphic All Ages. Click here for TICKETS.    

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The Video That Almost Wasn’t

7 scores and 4 years ago, Reanimator and I released an album titled “The Ugly Truth” on Strange Famous Records. We were 2 quiet guys who never met each other and were introduced via Sage Francis. In between work, school, life and all the other shit that got thrown into the mix, we ended up […]

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Tour Rap

I wanted to make this interesting so I am writing about my tour the best way I know how…like a rap verse. Enjoy: The night before June fourteenth Pilks and I practiced our tour routine til 3 in the morning (echoing “3 in the mornin!”) I had Geoffrey press the MPC during my set see […]

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Prolyphic Interview With Greek Magazine Vibe Rated

Here’s a link to an interview I did with the Greek magazine Vibe Rated. I very rarely share things with the public about the happenings in my life, so here is a little glimpse into the past 3 years of my life and what I have planned for the future. What up Nickos!

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Dying Art

My dad is a lost wax castor and his business, started by my great grandfather, was severely damaged by the flood that occurred in RI on March 30th. So far he has received ZERO help from the city of Cranston or from the state of Rhode Island. FEMA does not give grants to businesses, only […]

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Prolyphic New Song Free Download!! Lyrics!!

I recorded a song called “Fake Limps” with Cubbiebear, former “Artist Goes Pop” remix contest co-winner, Seez Mics of Educated Consumers and DJ Addikt. It is SFR’s Clip of the Week and is available for FREE DOWNLOAD here. Prolyphic Lyrics: I work harder than you act, I use to sport a Yankee’s hat back in […]

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Going Green

People have been asking me when I’m coming out with new material and my guess is that it will probably be in late 2010. For now, here is a verse from song I just wrote titled “Going Green”. “Going Green” I can’t live without my radioooo, or my electric appliances Even though it’s bad for […]

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