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GODCAST secrets revealed

Before the internet, most of us experienced times when we’d hear a song on the radio or on a mixtape and we’d have no idea what it was. We’d scramble around and ask other people if they know of a song that goes “Buhhh duh duh DEEE do DEEE.” Sometimes we were lucky enough to […]

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Prolyphic – Halfway

Prolyphic is hard at work on a new album with Buddy Peace! SFR wants to make sure you’re in the loop with the latest updates and news on the project. Make sure to ‘like’ both Pro and Strange Famous on Facebook at the links below!
As a bribe, we’re offering Prolyphic’s 2003 song “Halfway” as a […]

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Rapture averted!

RAPTURE AVERTED! I hope you’ve all thanked Macho Man Randy Savage for jumping off of heaven’s highest turnbuckle and knocking a most vengeful God out of commission. Macho Man took one for the team and I, for one, am grateful.

If I had the foresight, I would have set the GODCAST contest deadline for May 21. […]

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Crumble DEMO – includes drums & bonus verse

I’ve decided to share the demo version of my “Crumble” song which was recorded for my “A Healthy Distrust” album back in 2005. People who are familiar with the album version will be surprised to hear the drums (I still think sound strange which is why they were ultimately removed) along with a bonus verse previously […]

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New CESCHI 10″ Vinyl Picture Disc!

Now available from SFR homie and Fake Four Records boss Ceschi: the Shorted Circuits EP, a very special 10″ picture disc from Ceschi & DJ Scientist that contains 2 new tracks as well as a bunch of great unreleased remixes from “The One Man Band Broke Up” album. Read on for details and to check out pics of this beautiful, limited edition item!

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SFR Exclusive! 2 SIGNED Nardwuar DVDs Available Now!

SFR is proud to announce the EXCLUSIVE availability of autographed Nardwuar DVDs. To put it simply, Nardwuar the Human Serviette is the best music journalist of our time. If you haven’t stumbled upon his interviews via a nasty YouTube trap just yet, let us assure you that he is a most interesting character who has accessed the most popular musicians (as well as obscure musicians) of the past two decades.

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The $500 GODCAST!

The “Strange Famous GODCAST” is a divine, 50-minute mix of songs, soundbites and demos that Sage Francis has collected over the past 10 years. This isn’t a “hiphop” mix per se; it’s more of an eclectic mix of genres and recordings from various eras of music, film and online gems. As […]

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NEW Sole & The Skyrider Band CD + Vinyl Pre-Orders Available Now!

On Hello Cruel World, Sole returns for his third album with the Skyrider Band with a refreshing, new found confidence and focus not seen since his now-classic albums Selling Live Water and Bottle of Humans. Sole has assembled an army of the most exciting voices in indie culture to be apart of the new record, recruiting Sage Francis, Ceschi, and many more, to create a stunning tapestry that is a new high water mark in Sole’s creative output.

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